Benjamin Lodge

care home cottinghamBenjamin Lodge is a residential care home which supports rehabilitation and recovery for people experiencing severe and enduring mental health problems .It is located in Cottingham which is 5 miles from Hull, and has excellent public transport, a range of shops and other community services which are within walking distance for our residents.

The residents at Benjamin Lodge are encouraged to undertake daily living tasks and independence is promoted at all levels ensuring that each individual enjoys best quality of life possible. A range of person centred activities are available to encourage the hobbies and particular interests of individuals which improve the social skills and confidence of the people we support.

We have skilled and experienced staff who have a good working knowledge of relevant legislation including the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and Mental Health Act (1983). We successfully support a number of people who are subject to Community Treatment Orders and whose needs can be complex.

Care plans are based on dignity, choice and independence. Comprehensive risk and relapse plans and assessment of need are required upon admission to enable an appropriate, safe, support plans to be implemented.

Our experienced staff have developed strong partnerships with specialist mental health services and local authorities. They work closely with us in maintaining the well being of each individual. We work towards recovery and are able to provide support towards resettlement to more independent living for people whose needs no longer require residential care.

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Benjamin Lodge

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Activities at Benjamin Lodge

The Proudfoot Care Group is aware that lifestyle can potentially maximise your health as you age and we therefore promote physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, cognitive activity and social engagement.

Research suggests that this approach can keep the body and brain healthy and potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline. We see social stimulation as important as the other types of care provided. We feel the key to delivering high quality social stimulation is knowing the person well and what their previous interests included and understanding how dementia or other mental health problem impacts upon their ability to engage in activities.

Remaining cognitively and socially active can improve overall health and we acknowledge the significance of this within the Proudfoot Care Group. Meaningful, enjoyable activities are available to everyone within our homes as a group or individually. We arrange ongoing projects within the home, trips outside of the home and aim to organise whatever the residents indicate that they would like to try.

Please do not hesitate to call should you require any further information or would like to arrange a visit to Benjamin Lodge – call 01482 841133

Benjamin Lodge – 46 Northgate, Cottingham HU16 4EZ,

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