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Stride is a residential care home for adults age 18 and over who are experiencing mental health problems. Located in Bridlington, a coastal town with sandy beaches and award winning promenades and historic harbour, all of which are in close proximity to the home.


Our primary aim at Stride is to provide support with a view to recovery, for adults age 18 and over who are experiencing mental health problems. Stride has a commitment to understand and combat the barriers through which exclusion has a long term and damaging impact on an individual and their community.

We will be providing this through various packages of support which are centered around the needs of the individual and appropriately addressing mental health problems in the context of the persons wider goals.

Our service will be focused around the recovery model and the majority of support we provide will be in the form of reablement. This will entail assisting people to regain or gain daily living skills which they have struggled with due to their poor mental health. Service users will develop structured, person centered, measurable plans which will support and encourage them to return to less restrictive living such as supported housing or independent living.

Our services will be commissioned for period of time of where the individuals progress is measured and evaluated continually. Our aim is that people will develop skills such as maintaining their environment, manage finances, maintain hygiene standards, keep themselves safe, shop for essential items such as food and be able to prepare adequate nutritional intake independently.

We are aware that enhancing all types of skills has a positive impact upon a person’s mental health and learning can promote self-esteem, confidence and provide people with a sense of purpose.

We will also work towards service users gaining a deeper understanding of their mental health and enabling them to take greater control over their treatment such as self-medicating. Our skilled inclusion coordinators will provide ongoing support which will include developing advanced decisions around their future treatment.

We will develop close links with the local community, mental health services and families and acknowledge that many people with mental health problems want to work. We believe that this is achievable for many people with the right support. There is a strong evidence base to suggest that occupation is highly effective in improving mental wellbeing and social inclusion.

We will also provide a day care facility for people who do not require a residential setting but are lacking skills and structure. Service users who leave the home will be able to access day care to continue their development if they choose.

The service believes that hospital admissions should be avoided where possible and we are able to provide crisis beds for anyone who requires intensive therapeutic support for a short period of time which is less restrictive than an admission.

The home is spacious and provides excellent facilities such as a cinema room, games room, exercise area and IT suite. The objective being to provide a positive, structured environment which enables people to develop their skills, hobbies and interests with a view to living more independently and gainer greater control of their lives which in turn, improves mental wellbeing.


We are able to provide person centred packages for people who have complex needs and risks including people subject to Community Treatment Orders. We are committed to providing measurable, positive outcomes and offer an intensive reablement programme if required.

Holyrood House Care Home in Hedon Package


Stride works in partnership with local mental health teams and local authorities which ensures that all of the service users are receiving appropriate levels of specialist support and that focus is based upon recovery and social inclusion.

Holyrood House Care Home in Hedon Package


Our team of experienced staff actively encourage service users to integrate within the local community and provide people with the opportunity to improve social interaction and confidence. Activities are also organised within the home and within the community and are designed to not only mentally and physically stimulate the people we care for, but to enhance their daily living skills and feelings of purpose and self-worth, with a view to people eventually leading a more independent lifestyle.

Holyrood House Care Home in Hedon Package


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