The Proudfoot Care Group believes strongly in training and nurturing staff which enables them to progress within the business.

We are able to offer training and experience within older adults and mental health settings.

We employ around one hundred and twenty staff which cover a range of roles and we would like to hear from any potential candidates who are interested in joining an expanding, forward thinking organisation with opportunities for career development.

What values do I need to work in social care?

Depending on the role, you don’t always need qualifications or previous work experience in the sector to get a job in social care. What’s really important is having the right values, behaviours and attitudes to work effectively with people who need care and support. Click here for a link to the PDF of the values etc

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A Question of Care: A career for you?

This free online quiz shows you what a career in care can really be like. At the end, you’ll get a personal, confidential report based on your answers which might help you decide whether care is right for you.

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